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Beautiful - Hits(2842) Rating(4.0)
Billing - Hits(1661) Rating(0.0)
Men jokes - Hits(2299) Rating(3.8)
mexican - Hits(1769) Rating(1.5)
Imagine if all the major brands started selling their own condoms - Hits(4811) Rating(3.3)
Little Johnny Tells The Truth - Hits(2584) Rating(4.2)
Little Johnny: The Math Whiz - Hits(1672) Rating(5.0)
Little Johnny: The Wee Charmer - Hits(1910) Rating(4.0)
Little Johnny Wants To Settle Down - Hits(1532) Rating(5.0)
Blonde Bar - Hits(1693) Rating(4.5)
Pyramid Of Jokes - Hits(1583) Rating(1.0)
Keeping A Secret - Hits(1802) Rating(4.3)
Going Fishing - Hits(1582) Rating(5.0)
Blonde Exam - Hits(1740) Rating(4.7)
The Circle - Hits(1376) Rating(5.0)
Playing Fetch - Hits(1445) Rating(3.5)
Seeing Trees - Hits(1276) Rating(0.0)
State Capitals - Hits(1458) Rating(0.0)
A Night In Mexico - Hits(2042) Rating(5.0)
Blonde Diet - Hits(1493) Rating(4.5)
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